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Just felt like doing this

[x] You've seen more than one episode of the series.
[x] You've seen a whole season.
[x] You've seen the whole two seasons (going on five now)
[x] You visit at least one pony-related site regularly
[ ] You're signed to a pony-related site
[ ] You've cosplayed at least once. (I would like to)
[x] You have bought merchandise from the series
[ ] Your room is FULL of merchandise from the series
[ ] One of your friends knows that you are a brony
[ ] You have made them into a brony too.
[ ] ALL of your friends know that you are a brony and you made them into bronies
[/] You can name all the characters,including wildlife,background characters,pets,anything. (I can name most of them)
[x] SAVE DERPY HOOVES!!! (she's been saved)
[x] You refuse to call background ponies by anything other than their fan names
[ ] You've been to a brony con. (again, I would like to)
[ ] You've traveled miles to go to a brony con
[ ] You've listened to a lot of interviews with people from the show
[ ] You've listened to ALL the interviews
[/] You play pony games (sometimes)
[x] Whether they be fan-made or official
[ ] You play ONLY pony games
[ ] Ponies are hot
[ ] You watch it for 'the plot'
[ ] You're in love with a character from the series
[ ] You claim you're married/dating to said fictional character.
[ ] You lost interest on humans after the show
[x] You think there's no better show than this, in any way
[ ] Anyone who hates the show is dead to you. (why would I hate someone just because they dislike the show?)
[ ] Yamino is the Devil
[ ] Lauren Faust is God.
[x] Anything is better with ponies
[x] You're proud to see that even in non-pony related videos there are pony videos on the 'related video' section
[x] You're proud to see memes being poified
[x] You listen to brony music
[ ] Exclusively
[ ] You have an OTP in the show
[x] You have more than one OTP
[ ] One of your OTP's is among these: Discord x Celestia / Fluttershy x Big Macintosh / Applejack x Rainbow Dash
[x] You watch pony videos regularly
[ ] You watch ONLY pony videos
[x] You like to watch PMVs and think that there should be a PMV for each song
[x] You read pony fanfiction regularly
[x] You only read pony fanfiction
[ ] You 'clop'
[ ] You want to change your name/last name to something pony-related
[x] You are going to name your child something pony-related
[x] Legally
[x] You believe Equestria exists somewhere
[x] You want to find a way to get to there.
[ ] You are currently trying to get to there
[ ] You've have one of your things stylized to have ponies
[ ] You use bronyspeak in daily conversation
[ ] You have made fan art for the show
[ ] You make fan art for the show on a regular basis
[x] You watch one of the abridged series.
[x] You get most of the jokes.
[ ] You can name all the lands of Equestria,whether they have been mentioned or not
[ ] Celestia's a troll
[ ] And/or a perv
[ ] Fluttershy has secret homicidal thoughts
[ ] Cupcakes happened
[ ] Rainbow Dash is a lesbian
[ ] Nyx is the cutest thing ever and should be real in the series
[x] You'd pay thousands of money just to get a pony version of your favorite game
[ ] People call you a ponytard
[ ] You just shrug it off
[ ] You believe that magic can literally be achieved by friendship
[ ] You have ponified at least one thing
[ ] Scootaloo is a chicken
[ ] You feel like dying when there's no more ponies
[ ] Everyone says you have no life.
[ ] And it's true.


Score: 26
0-10: You probably don't even like MLP:FIM. You're not an unhealthy brony at all, not even close.
10-20: You like the show,but by this point you probably are not even a brony.
20-30: You're a brony,but there's not much shame in that.
30-40: Well,you're getting a bit out of the line,but it's ok,everything is fine.
40-50: Unhealthy brony.
50-60: Please stop it!!!
60-71: Stay away from me
72: Insane asylum time


GamertheHedgehog's Profile Picture
Gamer the Hedgehog
United States
:bulletblack:Name: Gamer the Hedgehog
:bulletblack:Age: 17
:bulletblack:Gender: Male
:bulletblack:Species: Hedgehog
:bulletblack:Fur/Hair color: Light blue.
:bulletblack:Skin color: Tan
:bulletblack:Eye color: Dark blue
:bulletblack:Outfit: A Star Wars shirt, blue jeans, blue sneakers, and sky-blue gloves.
:bulletblack:Powers: Teleportation (used to move during battle), energy bombs, super-speed (used to move when not in battle), and telekinesis.
:bulletblack:Personality traits: Kind, loner at times, quiet at times, loud (usually), brave, funny, smart, and friendly.
:bulletblack:Abilities/Skills: Good with building machines, hand-to-hand combat, improvisation, and hacking into machines.
:bulletblack:Likes: Star Wars, Watching TV, beating up bad guys, building things, hacking into other people's machines, being alone at times, being with friends at times, and Weird Al Yankovic. Spending some time with his girlfriend Jasmine.
:bulletblack:Dislikes: Bad guys, Nebula getting mad, Amy getting upset, Justin Bieber, Twilight, Call of Duty, Pokemon, and Nebula and Sonic fighting. Hates being called 'Lamer' or 'Lame'.
:bulletblack:Crush: Jasmine the Hedgehog
:bulletblack:Friends: Sonic and his friends (including Nebula, Selene, and Adam)
:bulletblack:Enemies: The same as Nebula's enemies. Gregory, Leroy.
:bulletblack:His Music Theme (during battle):"The Imperial March" by the London Sympony Orchestra*
:bulletblack:First appearance: "Gamer the Hedgehog story"
:bulletblack:Favorite Food: Pizza.
:bulletblack:Sibling: Katie the Hedgehog (sister)


:bulletblue: SPEED :star::star::star::star::star-half:
:bulletred: JUMPING :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletgreen: POWER :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletpurple: SKILL :star::star::star::star::star-half:
:bulletyellow: STAMINA :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:


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