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Least Favorite MLP:FiM Characters by GamertheHedgehog
Least Favorite MLP:FiM Characters
I decided to do some more of these MLP memes.
The next one I'm going to do will be an episode comparison meme, then my favorite characters.
Anyways, onto the list:
10. Nightmare Moon
I don't dislike her, but like I said in my MLP Controversy Meme, as far as the bigger villains go, I find her to be the weakest. On top of that, I find her to be one of the weakest characters overall. It's not so much that she's  bad character, I just find most of the other characters to be better than her.

9. Suri Polomare
The way she talks doesn't feel right to me. Plus her personality, instead of being fun to hate like most of the characters the members of the mane 6 tend to be, just makes me dislike her. Being the antagonist of my least favorite Rarity episode doesn't help her case with me at all.

8. Equestria Girls Snips
Contrary to most people, I don't hate pony Snips and Snails. I don't even dislike them. They're just naive, and, quite frankly, a pair of idiots. So seeing them be turned into full on antagonists in the Equestria Girls world just doesn't sit right with me.

7. Equestria Girls Snails
Why did I separate him from EG Snips despite the fact that we never see them apart from each other in either universe? Well, its simple. In the pony universe, Snails is more of an idiot than Snips, so seeing him be just as antagonistic as the EG version of Snips means I dislike the Equestria Girls version of Snails more.

6. Jet Set and Upper Crust
I don't like snooty characters, and these two are about as snooty as you can get. But since they didn't do anything to directly harm Rarity, they're relatively low on the list.

5. Gilda
Being one of the more petty antagonists the show has had, she was pretty much guaranteed a spot on the list. Plus she made Fluttershy cry, and despite Fluttershy not being my favorite of the mane 6, that would also guarantee she'd be in the upper half of the list. But there is one reason that she's not any higher, and that reason is that we don't know that much about her. All we know about her past is that she and Rainbow Dash were best friends at Summer Flight Camp, and that's it. We don't know why she came to Ponyville that day, or what happened between them between camp and when the episode took place.

4. Flim and Flam
They're probably the only characters that I'd describe as better in their first appearance than in their second. Sure, both times they used deception and trickery, but at least the first time they were legitimately winning until they got cocky and let Applejack get help from the others, and their machine actually did what they said it would. The second time around, they completely lied about the "product" they were selling. Plus, it wasn't right of them to force Applejack into the situation they did. Being part of my least favorite of the key episodes doesn't help their case either.

3. Prince Blueblood
What is with Rarity getting the short staff when it comes to the antagonists she has to face? Anyways, Blueblood is probably just as snooty as Jet Set and Upper Crust, but there are two reasons that he's ranked higher than them. First, he wasn't only as snooty as them, but also acted like much more of a prick than they did. And second, his actions were directly responsible for Rarity's anger, whereas Jet Set and Upper Crust were merely used to set up Rarity's internal conflict.

2. Silver Spoo 
She's just as bad as Diamond Tiara when it comes to directly antagonizing the CMC. However, there are a few reasons that she's not in the same spot as Diamond Tiara. The first is that she was the first to clap for Granny Smith's story from Family Appreciation Day, so she obviously is VERY slightly kinder than Diamond Tiara. Second, she wasn't around when Diamond Tiara was running the school paper, so that's one time that she didn't antagonize the CMC with Diamond Tiara. Third, she tried to cheer up Diamond Tiara after she got humiliated at her cutecenara, so she obviously does care about Diamond Tiara. And finally, I just like her design a bit more. 

1. Diamond Tiara
I've already stated multiple times why she's my least favorite character, so I'll just word it differently. She's the only character to receive absolutely ZERO development from her first appearance. Every other character on the show either had enough development in their one appearance to make me care about them, or we learned new things about them and their personality that we didn't know the first time. Even Silver Spoon, as I mentioned above, has received SOME characterization outside of just bullying the CMC. Diamond Tiara, however, is still the same antagonistic character that I've hated for pretty much the majority of the time I've been a fan. And until we learn more about her past, or until she gets more characterization, she'll remain the only character on the show that I actually hate.

Dishonorable mentions:
1. Angel Bunny: Of the 6 sidekicks, he's my least favorite. The fact that he seems to go from being antagonistic towards Fluttershy one second to helping her out the next doesn't help his case. But he had enough kind moments to keep him off the list
2. Garble: He's one of the only few antagonists that, instead of disliking him the way you're supposed to dislike an antagonistic character, I just dislike as a character as a whole. However, he didn't make the least for two reasons. One, he had an interesting design. Two, he seemed to have the power to back up his threats, despite getting outsmarted by the Phoenixes.

Snips Salute Vector made by :iconfringepioneer:
Snails Salute Vector also made by :iconfringepioneer: 


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As I've said before, I haven't watched that much anime, but I have liked the few that I've seen so far.
So, I've decided to rank them from my least favorite to my favorite. In the one case where two anime are in the same franchise, I picked the one that I like more.

Fairy Tail is my least favorite anime that I've seen. It's not bad, and is arguably the most action packed of the ones on the list. However, I don't find it as memorable as the rest, despite having watched the episodes dubbed by FUNimation quite few times.

Sonic X is my third favorite of the ones on the list. It's the first anime that I watched every episode of, and is what turned me into a Sonic fan. Despite this, I like the next two just a little bit more

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is my second favorite. It was a tough choice between this and Duel Monsters for which Yu-Gi-Oh! anime to put here. I saw most of Duel Monsters when I was younger, and is grander, plus the duels, despite most of them being at least two parts, are made entertaining by how over the top most of the characters are. However, I went with GX for one big reason. That is because it's more character focused, and as a result, it's both funnier and ends up being a more fun show in general.

And my new favorite anime is: Kirby Right Back at Ya!
Despite only starting to watch it about two days ago, I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite anime and this is for several reasons. The first is that its the most fun of all four of the anime on the list. The second is that it also happens to be the funniest of the ones on the list. The third is that it has the most memorable theme song. One listen of the theme song, and it'll get stuck in your head for several days. The fourth reason is that they managed to make Kirby, who's already arguably the most adorable video game character ever created, even more adorable. I'm not going to explain it, you'll have to watch the anime for yourself. The fifth reason is that the characters are arguably the most entertaining. The voices that were given to the characters fit them perfectly. The final reason is that it has arguably the best and funniest episode concepts of any show ever. For example, one episode has a fish try to date one of the main characters.

That's all for now.


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